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Meditate Cincinnati Week
August 21-25, 2018

Meditate Cincinnati is a week-long series of free outreach programs to awaken the love for meditation as part of the Love America Tour by a dozen international Sahaja Yoga Meditation instructors visiting Cincinnati

We are sponsoring over 50 special programs in Cincinnati in a 4 day span Aug 21–25.

This includes 20+  public programs around town and 30+ private meetings with Leading companies as well as Nonprofit, governmental and educational organizations.


Highlights of the week include:


  • Inaugural Meditation and Music Festival at Seasongood Pavilion in Eden Park Sat Aug 25 from noon to 8pm.  Concert starts at 6pm.

  • Live music programs on Schmidlap Lawn on the Banks of Cincinnati (by the Morlein House) 6-8pm 3 days:  Tues Aug 21, Thur Aug 23, Fri Aug 24

  • 1 hour evening or day introductory programs in Sims Township, West Chester, Anderson, Madeira, North Central Libraries and at Blue Ash Recreation center

  • Go deep during a 4 day course at UC’s McMicken Hall Room 127 Tues–Fri, 7-8pm

Join us and remember no rule says you can only participate once! 


Click on the http://love-america.us/ to get times, dates and addresses off all our events.

All Sahaja Yoga Meditation events are always free of charge.