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Meditate Cincinnati Week
August 21-25, 2018

Meditate Cincinnati is a week-long series of free outreach programs to awaken the love for meditation as part of the Love America Tour by a dozen international Sahaja Yoga Meditation instructors visiting Cincinnati

We are sponsoring over 50 special programs in Cincinnati in a 4 day span Aug 21–25.

This includes 20+  public programs around town and 30+ private meetings with Leading companies as well as Nonprofit, governmental and educational organizations.


Highlights of the week include:


  • Inaugural Meditation and Music Festival at Seasongood Pavilion in Eden Park Sat Aug 25 from noon to 8pm.  Concert starts at 6pm.

  • Live music programs on Schmidlap Lawn on the Banks of Cincinnati (by the Morlein House) 6-8pm 3 days:  Tues Aug 21, Thur Aug 23, Fri Aug 24

  • 1 hour evening or day introductory programs in Sims Township, West Chester, Anderson, Madeira, North Central Libraries and at Blue Ash Recreation center

  • Go deep during a 4 day course at UC’s McMicken Hall Room 127 Tues–Fri, 7-8pm

Join us and remember no rule says you can only participate once! 


Click on the to get times, dates and addresses off all our events.

All Sahaja Yoga Meditation events are always free of charge. 

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