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The Lovely Journey Begins

Gently and blissfully, self-realization begins with the awakening of an awesome energy that is coiled in your sacrum bone. Like all your other body parts, it was placed there when you were in the womb. It can be awakened only when you want it to; it cannot happen against your will. Once it's awakened, it travels up your spinal area until it flows outside at the top of your head through that soft spot when you were a baby. Like Wi-Fi, that awesome energy connects with the all-pervading life-force that surrounds us.

What are the benefits?

Immediately, you'll experience a soothing feeling as the energy clears away stress and other disease causing stuff that gets inside us as we live our daily lives. It feels like your cells are being gently massaged.
Soon you'll feel a surge of joy once that connection is made. It's the kind of joy you had as a small child. Self-Realizing is not a concept, it's a physical happening. The objective is that by connecting us firmly to the spiritual dimension inside and out, we can continuously improve our balance, joy and wisdom while steering ourselves through life on earth. Finally, you can learn how to activate and use this new connection every day, anywhere and anytime, so you can keep the joy. How to get your Self-Realization A grass roots movement  is happening world wide of people with this energy awakened. These Self-Realized People - all volunteers -  are giving Self-Realization in public libraries, schools, churches, civic centers - anywhere it can be given for free. Since it's everyone's own energy - it cannot be bought nor sold. Once yours is awakened you can awaken it in the passing of a light from one torch to another. It's not only simple; it's effortless. It's called Sahaja Meditation. For a live, in person public session, you can find a program at held in most major cities. Sahaja Meditation embraces all well-known religions and those not yet invented. Even agnostics and atheists can awaken this energy and evolve with it to become your best Self.  Photo by malcolm-lightbody-1223545-unsplash

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